Yu-Gi-Oh! Pharaonic Guardian Booster Pack

Edition: Unlimited
Release: English (2003) - North American
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Pharaonic Guardian contains a large number of Zombie-Type monsters and support cards, a set of cards called "Gravekeeper's", and the "once per turn you can flip this card into face-down Defense position" mechanics which allowed the reusing of effects similar to Flip Effects.

Highly sought after cards include "Ring of Destruction", "Book of Moon", "Don Zaloog", "Nightmare Wheel", "Spirit Reaper", "Reaper on the Nightmare", "Trap Dustshoot" and "Mirage of Nightmare".

The complete booster set contains 108 cards - 69 common cards, 17 rare cards, 10 super rare cards, 10 ultra rare cards and 2 secret rare cards.


  • 9 cards per booster pack

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